Raw Honey
Our raw honey is luscious and free flowing.
Varieties we produce are floral and clover.
Available in 1kg, 500g, 250g and 50g pottles, and a convenient 450g squeezy bottle.

Creamed Honey
Our Creamed honey has a glossy, gooey texture.
Varieties we produce are floral, clover and Kamahi.
Available in 1kg, 500g, 250g and 50g pottles.

Raw VS Creamed honey. . . .what is the difference?
Creamed honey is a honey that has been processed to control crystallisation. Creamed honey contains a large number of small crystals, which prevent formation of larger crystals that can occur in unprocessed honey. The processing also produces a honey with a smooth, spreadable consistency. Creamed honey is the result of the process honey undergoes when changing from a liquid to a solid.